Digital Studio 2

Digital Studio 2

Second bundle for May

Digital Studio 2

4 Videos

  • Strength circuit / legs/ core/ upper rbody workout

    Work through circuits of leg work, planks with a twist. Challenging upper body with 3-8 kg dumbbells. This is more suited to the inter/adv fitness group.


    This workout will strengthen, lengthen and shape your entire body. The workout is based around Dyna band and is easy to set up in any small space.

  • Couch to practise

    This is 4 day practise. Split it up into muscle groups and combine each day with the warm-up . Release, restore and recharge body and mind

  • CORE 3 Advanced

    A 15 min advanced workout! Feel the Power house of the body set on fire with this super effective, dance specific and time efficient blast!