Jig O Nometry

Jig O Nometry

The programme has been founded and created by Master Trainer and Pro dancer, Edwin T Sneddon. Along with their amazing teachers, Edwin has helped condition and train multi World, American, National and Qualifying Champions! Edwin, a former Royal Academy of Dancing scholarship student and National dance Champion in 2 different disciplines at the same time, is bringing his tried and tested programme to you. This cutting edge, time effective programme is now available on demand at an affordable cost. Sign up now for the latest in exercise and dance fitness science! So you can be one step closer to your dream...

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Jig O Nometry
  • Dancers stretch and repair

    A perfect all over body stretch. Perfect for after class or even comp. Easy to follow with full therapeutic instruction.


    .Foot work 2 is the next step up in your foot work training . For this workout you will need a flexi band and a dumbbell.
    This workout will develop great foot, ankle strength and stability, ensuring you put your best foot forward every time

  • Sweat and shred

    An interval Cardio and Core workout. 20 mins of super effective fat burning and metabolic training. Easy to follow and time efficient workout not wipe out. You will finish feeling Fit,lean and energised. This workout will help maintain and even develop your stamina for the following competiti...


    Yoga and Pilates combine for an easy to follow, fully instructed stretch. Try to do this workout 2_3 times per week

  • Sculpt & Shape

    Do this great workout 2 or 3 times per week to increase your muscular stamina and increase your oxidative system

  • Turnout & extensions

    Developers turnout and extensions using exercises from classical dance. Strengthen and lengthen legs muscles. Keep ankles and feet healthy too! Added lyrical stretch section for warm up and cool down.

  • Leg Strength & Power workout


  • Cardio/Plyo 20 min workout!

    This workout is done in Tabata style intervals working on all the energy systems you use to complete a full dance.The Plyometric section will develop power, speed, and jump height, not to mention amazing cardio efficiency.

  • FREE Bonus Video (Upper-body)

    Using a theraband this will condition and strengthen your upper body and arms. To give you much better carriage and posture whilst dancing.

  • Stretch & Flexibility

    Develop dynamic kicks, extensions and leg placement with classical and cutting edge stretch methods.

  • Core

    The power house of your body will be strengthened, stabilised and sculpted using classical, pilates and conditioning techniques giving you a perfect 100 alignment.

  • Foot work

    Using methods that classical dancers and gymnasts have used for decades, these exercises will give you stable, strong and precise placement of feet.